I was so thrilled when Shayna, a childhood friend, contacted me to do her bridal boudoir session for her soon to be husband! I was even more excited when she said she was bringing her wedding dress!

She arrived with full hair and makeup complete. She had a huge bag full of shoes and gorgeous pieces of lingerie in one hand; and her dress in the other. We hardly wasted any time before we began.

Shayna was so comfortable in front of the camera. Her poses flew naturally and I knew immediately she was rockin it! We did several poses in a handful of different outfits, one of which was a San Francisco 49ers Kaepernick jersey (her hubby’s favorite).

Then it was time to put on the dress…. I have never seen more sparkles on a wedding dress in my life! She put on the gorgeous Disney Princess style dress and she was glowing! She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe in quite a few of the shots we got… Just a simple classic beauty!

This might be my favorite boudoir session thus far! Does she not remind you of a Victorias Secret model?

Trying to pick a date for November Boudoir Marathon! Perfect time to get your images done and printed onto a book, calendar, etc. in time for the holidays :]

This session took place in Colfax, CA in the early afternoon. All natural light. 



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