One of the main reasons we love what we do
is because of the amazing people we get to meet!
Jen, you are def one of them!!
This beauty came to the studio to surprise
her husband with an amazing Valentine’s Day gift 🙂
Her husband is a firefighter, so of course
we had to incorporate some of his gear!
The entire session was done with natural light
in our studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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Jen TestimonialIMG_1483IMG_1528
After giving up on myself and gaining a ton of weight, having 2 beautiful boys, I have never seen myself as beautiful or sexy.  I have always wondered what my husband sees in me, what I look like through someone else’s eyes. You guys captured moments in me I didn’t know I had. My girls boosted me up and seeing Sara pictures, there a was no way I could not do it for myself.
IMG_1540IMG_1552IMG_1632Oh gosh favorite parts!  Ummm ALL of it! This was my first experience ever having my makeup professionally done, ever being in front of the camera. Brittany and Mike you made me feel something I have never experienced, I have never felt amazing or amazed by my pictures.  I loved the constant encouragement you gave, while I felt like a blob you guys made me feel stunning, seductive like a million bucks!
IMG_1643IMG_1702IMG_1706Having to decide on photos! Lol your talent shines through every single picture it’s hard to eliminate them!
IMG_1714IMG_1720IMG_1732Simply stunning! Oh my gosh!!!!! I wish I could see them all again, it’s surreal, like did I really see that? Did I really look like that?  I love that I was me in the photos they where not photo shopped, they showed my struggles through obesity and what I have over come. I have a new found self image I never imagined.
IMG_8240IMG_8308Do it! Do not question  yourself, if your considering it do it!!!!!!  This was the best thing (asides from losing 85lbs) that I have ever done.


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