This beauty is Bernie!
Bernie’s session reminded us why
we LOVE shooting boudoir ❤
It is all about the experience.
The experience of falling in love with YOURSELF.
The experience of feeling confident in your own body.
The fulfillment we get at the end of the day
when all these gorgeous ladies tell us
WE made them feel the most beautiful ever, in their own skin!
The entire session was done
in our studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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Thank you for your testimonial ❤
Bernie Testimonial
MUA: Demeri Falls
 I wanted to see myself from a different point of view, but a beautiful one!
BRP-15BRP-22BRP-21BRP-18favorite part about the shoot it would be getting to actually know my photographers and being able to laugh about things that were going on, it was the most comfortable experience I could have asked for!
BRP-8BRP-32BRP-56BRP-33BRP-51 I absolutely adored my photos. They’re amazing and everyone needs to experience it just once in their life. When you see those pictures of yourself you get the same sort of rush that you get when you’re falling in love, but even better because you’re finally falling in love with yourself.
BRP-101BRP-94BRP-75BRP-103-2BRP-82BRP-128Its unexplainable! It’s like the definition of magic, it gives you the best self confidence you could ask for that no one else can give you except for yourself.BRP-90
Come experience the feeling of falling in love with yourself at Bella Rosa Photography Boudoir! 

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