This Bella Rosa beauty is Kat!
Kat came in for our tattoo model call.
She has a couple beautiful pieces on her!
Not only did we love her tattoos, but her
lingerie selections were perfect too 🙂
The green outfit might be my fave!
I love when clients find colors that look amazing on them!
The entire boudoir session was done
in our boudoir studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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P.s. LADIES!—If you aren’t in our private boudoir group on Facebook, join today!! www.facebook.com/groups/bellarosaphotographyboudoir/Kat Testimonialbeautyauburn-boudoirbella-rosaboudoir-makeupI saw a bunch of people that I knew doing their own and thought they all looked amazing. I thought man, I want to look and feel the way they do and of course show off my new more confident workout bod in photos that will last forever. “best-boudoirboudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramentoboudoir-whitefishboudoirI honestly loved the entire experience. I loved getting my makeup done and loved being so nervous I almost ran away and then not feeling any nerves at all. I felt like I was suddenly on top of the world and I was shocked at how comfortable I actually felt half naked in front of a camera!”bridal-boudoirCA-boudoirdestination-boudoir-photographerdestination-boudoirgrass-valley-boudoirlingerieI freaking loved every single photo, picking what to order was seriously the hardest thing! And now that I’m done picking I’m struggling with the choices because I don’t want the rest gone forever, I want every single image to stay alive and be able to do whatever I want with it!”MT-boudoirpublished-photographerEven if you think that you don’t have the confidence to do this you need to go for it, a few minutes in and you’ll think to yourself “I wish I had done this sooner” or “why was I ever so nervous about this?” I never thought I’d be comfortable taking these none the less having them used for marketing but I want to show the world!! I can’t wait for my products and to be able to do another shoot! “SF-boudoirpublish-boudoir


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