This Bella Rosa beauty is Kylie!
Her session was simply beautiful!
I am in love with her tattoo…
“Love yourself first”
THIS is what Bella is about!
I always tell my clients that even though
they might be doing a boudoir session
for a gift for a loved one,
Ultimately they will find it much more rewarding
than that!
Ladies, it is OK to love YOURSELF!
Glance through this session and see what I mean 😍
The entire boudoir session was done
in our boudoir studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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P.s. LADIES!—If you aren’t in our private boudoir group on Facebook, join today!! Testimonialboudoir-makeupMUA:CHRISTA PAULauburn-boudoirbella-rosabella-rosa-photographybeauty“I decided to book this shoot because your pictures were absolutely beautiful, and everyone looked so confident and comfortable! I wanted to do the shoot to help push myself to be comfortable in my own skin and love myself.”best-boudoirboudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramento“The entire shoot was very fun! I loved the different settings and the positive comments to make me feel completely comfortable and totally confident!”boudoirboudoir-whitefishbridal-boudoircalifornia-boudoir“When I first walked in to the studio my picture was huge on the television screen and I thought “Oh my god thats absolutely amazing! Is that really me?”  My photos were Gorgeous. Seeing myself like that made me feel beautiful, courageous, empowered and sexy. I was extremely nervous about doing the shoot but I do not regret it at all, it was totally worth it. I am very proud of myself and my photos are amazing (:
Thank You Bella Rosa Photography <3”destination-boudoir-photographerdestination-boudoirgrass-valley-boudoirlingerieMT-boudoirpublished-photographer“I’m already telling everyone about you guys. What you do and how you make women feel is so empowering! I want everyone to feel just as beautiful and inspired by their photos as I do. No one should contemplate doing a shoot like this, you are perfect the way you are! Do not stress or over think this kind of shoot, just rock it (:
I loved every minute.”lingerie-boudoirlingerie-photographerpublished-boudoirSF-boudoir

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