This Bella Rosa beauty is Haley!
After contemplating a shoot because of nerves,
She came in for a confidence boost
and she loved it!
Haley brought an item in to the studio
that she uses in her daily life,
her glasses!
When she said she wanted to incorporate them
into the shoot, we were excited for the
extra pop of sexiness!
The entire boudoir session was done
in our boudoir studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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P.s. LADIES!—If you aren’t in our private boudoir group on Facebook, join today!!“I responded to the model call for confidence. I needed confidence so freakin’ bad haha! I feel so awkward 99% of the time when it comes to being comfortable in my own skin, let alone sexy. I’ve struggled for years with confidence, it’s safe to say my confidence level WAS at a low three almost two. Yeah, that bad. So I knew I needed this shoot. “boudoir-whitefishbridal-boudoircalifornia-boudoirconfidencedestination-boudoir“Umm, hello. YOU GUYS! Seriously. You two are the reasons my confidence is up. I can honestly say without you two behind the lenses, the shoot would not have been so wonderful. Being able to talk, joke and be open made it so comfortable. I’ve never had any sort of photos taken of me, so having you there directing me to the tiniest detail helped calm my anxiety about how the photos will turn out. “grass-valley-boudoirlakers-girllingeriepublished-boudoirpublished-photography“Brittany told me that sometimes ladies get more nervous to see their photos! I thought she was crazy(sorry, Brittany)! I wanted to sit and view them through the camera as they were shooting. I couldn’t wait to get down to my phone to view Snapchat, haha. Losing all my nerves, gaining so much confidence in just a few hours made it so hard to wait. So when I was finally able to see them, that was the moment I fell in love with myself. You two found all the right angles I never knew I had. “sillouette-boudoirsports-illustrated-boudoirtattoo-boudoir“Do not let fear & the pesky little voice inside your head talk you out of it. You will walk out of their studio loving yourself more than ever before. Comparing ourselves to others has gotten so out of hand the past few years. “Real men like curves, not bones”. As empowering as that is for curvy girls, it’s shooting other girls down. Brittany & Mike shower you with love. No matter what your shape and/or size is, they get you to see how beyoutiful you are by simply taking your body and embracing it in ways you wouldn’t know how too. They truly want you to love yourself and the succeed in making it happen! So go, right now! Book your shoot!”tushy-tuesdayvictorias-secret-lingerie

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