This Bella Rosa beauty is Haley!
I love this session!
She came in with nerves, just like most do…
I assured her we would pose her the entire time
and that once we began her session her nerves
would quickly disappear and a sense of confidence
and empowerment will take over!
Well look at these pics… We were def right 🙂
The entire boudoir session was done
in our boudoir studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
Her session was on Snapchat (brittany.rose3) too!

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boudoir-makeupMUA: DEMERI LAMARCHE

auburn-boudoirbeautybella-rosa“I’ve always been a bigger girl, and the girl everyone told oh you have such a pretty face, my husband has always made me feel so beautiful and I wanted to see myself the way he sees me, not the way the world makes me feel about myself.”best-boudoirboudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramento“I am literally obsessed with them and I can’t wait to have them in my hands so I can look at them all the time!!”boudoir-whitefishboudoirbridal-boudoir“DO IT 100%!!! I was so nervous and down on myself before. You don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful and have an amazing time!! It will give you the confidence you need to love yourself!”destination-boudoirgrass-valley-boudoirlingerie-photographerSF-boudoir

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