This Bella Rosa beauty is Alyssa!
She has been  a loyal client since the start 🙂
She was actually one of our first “original”
boudoir clients and she saw the studio in the
pre-renovation “70’s” stage :p
We were SO excited when she reached out
for us to document her pregnancy with
gorgeous maternity boudoir photos ❤
I love the pop of blue lingerie since
she is having a little boy!
My absolute favorite is the las shot though…
The lace and floral crown, simply stunning!
The entire boudoir session was done
in our boudoir studio in Colfax, CA
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
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alyssa-testiboudoir-makeupMUA: KAYLEE CLINEauburn-boudoirbeautybella-beautybella-rosa-photography“It wasn’t so much about being brave as it was about gaining self confidence and showing other pregnant women and mom’s out there that we are all beautiful and should all do shoots like this to show ourselves how beautiful we all are. Child bearing is hard enough on our bodies and we shouldn’t feel insecure about the vanity part of motherhood. I want to tell everyone mom or soon to be mom out there that what we do is a miracle and we should all be proud to show off our body for what our bodies created. Love yourself and do this for you :)”

bella-rosaca-boudoircalifornia-boudoirgrass-valley-boudoir“All around the shoot was amazing, from getting my makeup done, to different sets and wardrobe changes. Watching the teamwork between you two was so professional and inspiring. Especially to have two different views through the camera to capture different moments was awesome.”maternity-boudoirmontana-boudoirmiami-boudoirmt-boudoir“My photos were SO beautiful and raw. It captured my natural beauty but showed so much more. Motherhood is a beautiful thing.”

pregnant-boudoirsacramento-boudoirtexas-boudoir“Do It! Do it for you and  you only. It’s worth every penny and nerve in your body. See the real beauty in you by doing this kind of shoot.”whitefish-boudoirvintage-boudoir

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