This Bella Rosa beauty is Rachel!
She decided to come in and make this session 100% her!
She brought a cake, an apron, and other baking props and accessories!
It’s so important to realize the nerves are real, but they do go away.
What fun would it be if you didn’t have nerves anyways? :p
Read her testimonial and see her feelings going into and leaving the session.

The entire boudoir session was done
in our luxury boudoir studio in Auburn, CA
Destination session dates coming soon!!
We are booking travel locations too!
Hope you enjoy a few images from her session!
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Rachel Testimonial

Hair and Makeup: Kat Boone


“ What made me brave enough to do a shoot? Nothing. I was terrified right up until I introduced myself. And nervous for quite a bit after that. Coming up the stairs I thought for sure I would pass out. I sat in my car trying not to cry before that. Trying and failing. I hadn’t “reached my goal weight”, I felt unprepared, did I pick good outfits? My husband wasn’t interested in the photos and even viewed my choice negatively, saying it was a waste. I had brought a deconstructed cake with me, for Pete’s sake. In fact, the only thing I felt confident about was that I wanted to share my photos and my story. ”BRP-34BRP-141 (1)
“ I wanted women like me to see someone they could relate to. See the beauty in average. I’ve not had photos taken of me where I felt great about myself since my senior portraits. Which were done specifically to spite the people in my life who tried to crush my spirit. Yea, I had maternity pictures. But those were about my unborn child and the experience didn’t feel glamorous or inspiring. I have almost no pictures of myself up in the house because I take them all or I’m not proud of how I look. ”

“You see, I was fat shamed most of my childhood. Even by people who should have taught me to love myself. I was put on diets and singled out. But yet, I wasn’t allowed to join sports and was taken out of dance. The house was chaotic and there was quite a bit of mental and physical abuse happening around me. My parents had divorced and remarried. My step father abused my biological mother, who left us for him. My step mother was… unkind. My hair was chopped off regularly so I couldn’t “hide my weight” behind it. I was forced to grow up quickly and had a lot to take care of between my siblings and the daycare we had at our house. I was taught that self care is selfish. Taking care of others before yourself was ingrained in my mind. I was verbally and mentally abused. Regularly told I was a horrible daughter, that my siblings hated me because I had to parent them. I was homeschooled and wasn’t allowed to go to prom or dances. It was terrible. When I was in school I was bullied for developing early and I was overweight. Peers chased me with pins and mechanical pencils trying to see if I was hiding water balloons in my shirt. Called me fatty. Called me all sorts of terrible things that I believed were true. There was no support for this besides more diets. Then, when I had finally found a good support group of friends, I was pulled from school to take care of the kids at home…I mean to be homeschooled. We were taught to hide our femininity. It was shameful to be distracting to the opposite sex. Heck, sex was a bad word in our house no matter the use. It was oppression. I was left broken and tired. Even after moving out, I was told by many people that I was just an attention seeker when I would try to share my story. All I wanted was for people to understand me. Even writing this I am hesitant to share too many details. “

BRP-163 (1)BRP-121

“Don’t get me wrong, my entire childhood wasn’t horrible. I had a dad who loved us all very much. It was hard to “share” him. Even now, I feel like I’m low on the priority list. But he was there for me when I needed him. We had fun, my dad always made sure we were busy doing some adventure or another. And I love my siblings very much. I hated having to be there parent and tried my hardest to just be a sister once I had moved out.”

“But I never want my daughter to feel the way that I did. I want her to grow up confident in herself. Since she was born I have struggled to try to be more body positive for her. And by slowly changing little habits from how I look at myself in the mirror around her or not talking negatively about my size, I started to change how I perceived myself. I am a completely average sized woman, size 16, one breast is significantly bigger than the other, cellulite, and scars. But…. It’s me. My daughter has taught me how to love myself. And in return, I want to teach her to do the same. She is strong, compassionate, and lovely. She’s stubborn, goofy, and full of fire. A fire I never want to squelch. Maybe coax it in the right direction. But I hope she continues to burn brighter and brighter. She’ll need it to move mountains. “

“During my photo shoot I felt shy at first. Hiding with my robe on. By then end, through support and encouragement about how beautiful I truly am, I ended up standing bare in front of a mirror stating that “I am beautiful”. I turned and smiled, threw my hands up and said “This is me and I am beautiful.” At that moment the song “This is me” from The Greatest Showman came on. A personal favorite for many reasons, but the ending of my shoot couldn’t have been more perfect. The words echoed in my mind giving me a new confidence that I had made the right choice. I arrived scared, nervous, and shot down. I left walking taller, sitting straighter, and feeling more confident in myself than I have in a long time. Me, that average sized, working mom, who normally can barely get out the door in the morning… I am beautiful. From the Bella team to the adorable dogs, the beautiful sets, lingerie, and amazing makeup artist, the entire session was better than a dream. “BRP-111
“The hardest part about the experience was choosing my pictures. Going from 177 to 27 was not an easy feat. It didn’t help that I walked back in feeling insecure again. My husband didn’t want to see the pictures, work had been hard, and my little girl had been sick. But I cried. I cried seeing the me that I see in my mind, in front of me on a screen. Scars, jiggle, and all. It was beyond amazing. It was uplifting on so many levels. ”

Thankful for this #BellaRosaBeauty testimonial! 💖
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  1. I’m so happy the blog is back. Thank you brave beauty for sharing your story with us! These blogs are so impactful and encouraging to all the women who want to shoot but are so afraid to let their scars be seen, especially the inside ones. You are stunning and your pictures definitely reflect your power and strength!

  2. I am so excited about this blog! I have heard so much about it! So happy that we have another place to express and promote self love and body empowerment! Great choice for a welcome back! Thank you beauty for sharing your amazing story!

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