Sometimes All It Takes Is A Little Time | Destination Boudoir Photographer | Studio Boudoir | Colfax, CA | Bella Rosa Photography

Sometimes all it takes is a little time-
time to sit with our fears and process them
before realizing they are only imagined outcomes of scenarios
that have the potential to be beautiful and empowering
and that we all have the capacity to accomplish those things that once scared us.
“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”
Taking that chance and believing in ourselves and our abilities
is not easy, but when we finally choose to delve into the
limitless love we have inside of us, anything is possible…
and that is just what this beauty did.
Though it took her a year to commit to,
she says that booking a shoot with us
was an unforgettable experience that she actually
can’t wait to do again! She has been filled with self-confidence
and -love from opening up in front of our lens and watching herself shine,
something every woman deserves to feel.
Her photos exude a calm strength, and the lines, lace, and detailed
embroidery in her outfits only add to the beauty she brings to the shoot.

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becky testiproduct-pick-upboudoir-makeupMUA: DEMERI LAMARCHE

bella-rosa-beautybella-rosa-photographybella-rosaboudoir-grass-valley“My absolute favorite part of the shoot was all the feelings I had througout it. I was so nervous when I first walked in, I was thinking what did I get myself in to! It only took a few minutes for those feelings to go away once we starting talking and getting to know each other. I loved getting my makeup done and going through my outfits with Brittany. It was so nice to feel like I could just open up and be myself! As soon as we started shooting I was filled with this self-confidence and love. I thought, I can do this!  And I was so happy I chose Mike and Brittany to have this experience with. I loved how beautiful they made me feel and how excited they were to share in the moment with me”

❤boudoir-miamiboudoir-montanaboudoir-photographerboudoir-san-diego“Well to be honest it took me almost a year to get the courage to do the shoot. I would see all the beautiful images online, hear from friends about how amazing the experience was and read all the incredible reviews. So finally one day I decided I had no excuses left I was going to brave and be one of those beautiful pictures I loved so much!”boudoir-san-franciscoboudoir-whitefishfit-boudoirlingerie“I knew shooting with Mike and Brittany would be amazing because of all the incredible and beautiful images they take. However, actually doing the session was more than I ever could have imagined! From start to finish you’re made to feel so beautiful and worthy. It’s and experience I’ll never forget and can’t wait to do again!The session was a beautiful reminder of how important it is to take time for yourself!”published-boudoirpublished-photographytushy-tuesdayvictorias-secret

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