Believe In Your Inner Goddess | Destination Boudoir Photographer | Studio Boudoir | Colfax, CA | Bella Rosa Photography

A goddess is a woman who embraces her bends,
her lines, her angles, and twists and twirls her body
in celebration of them. A goddess is a woman
who smiles when others try to make her feel small,
and loves them all the same, for she understands that it is them
who need that love the most. Goddesses know their power.
Even in the darkness, when they do not feel enough,
they walk forward and reach within
to find the answer, the clarity, which is always,
“yes, I am more than enough.”
Society has a way of making us forget this at times.
Women in the media are constantly pinned against each other
in competition, so naturally we learn to look at ourselves and compare.
Social media is an even stickier trap that can seem inescapable,
but it is imperative to not let beauty trends distort
our own self-love and -acceptance. This is easier said than done,
but this beauty made the choice to believe in her inner goddess
and book another boudoir session with Bella Rosa.
Her battle with body image is one too many of us can
relate to, and the inevitable physical changes
that come along with motherhood can be a difficult addition
to an already painful struggle. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though,
just like there always is, because now she has a beautiful child
and tiger stripes to remind her of the expansion her body allowed
to make room for this life; that is something to be proud of.
She has also gained an invaluable sense of self-confidence
in the process of capturing her beauty in front of our lens,
and she is not alone in feeling happy about that 🙂
Sara traveled from Washington for this shoot
and used outfits from our lingerie closet to set the tone for the
experience she says she is “in awe” of. Hey Sara, we are, too!

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sara testimonialboudoir-makeupMUA: KAYLEE CLINE

boudoir-miamidetailboudoir-sacramentoThe lingerie closet was AMAZING! I flew in at midnight the night before the shoot and this shoot was a total surprise for my husband so I couldn’t sneak any lingerie nor did I have time to shop once arriving in California. The lingerie closet saved me and there is something for every personality!”victorias-secretbeautywas in awe! My photos were INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t believe that was me. They looked straight out of a magazine, but it was me!”behind-the-sceneslingeriebella-rosa-photographyI struggled with body image for years when I was 16-18. I had to be skinny, I hardly ever ate. Then I had a child and well, that definitely changed my body. I have stretch marks everywhere, my motherhood beauty marks. I have scars all over my back/mid section from multiple surgeries and I struggle with those a lot but I try to think of them as my war wounds, the chapter titles of my story.  This experience helped me gain a lot more confidence!”boudoir-californiaBRP-56boudoir-auburnvintage

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