Here at the Bella Rosa Photography studio, we make you feel like the queen you are from start to finish. From the moment you walk in, we greet you and sit your pretty self in the makeup chair where one of our many professional artists does their thing and brings out your shine; whatever look you want- natural to full glam- we’ve got you! We also have a gorgeous lingerie closet with different sizes and styles for you to choose from if you desire. Our #1 goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident, so no need for nerves. We pose you all the way through, but if you have ideas, too, lets see them and make magic. The bond we create with our clients is undeniably special and strong, just like Olivia felt. Boudoir photography is about remembering the self-love we came into this world with; it’s about feeling empowered in our skin. We love meeting you beautiful people, and capturing your essence is what we do best. Let us capture yours and change your life along the way ❤

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olivia testiboudoir-makeup.jpgMUA: KAYLEE CLINE


auburn-boudoirbest-boudoirbella-rosa“Oh man, I loved how genuine and friendly Mike and Brittany were. It was comforting seeing how in love they are. When you first hear husband and wife team you don’t really know what to expect. You don’t know if its going to be awkward having her husband photograph you half naked, but it was not that at all. It was amazing. It was one of the coolest things I’ve done. Thank you again for making me feel so comfortable and having so much fun.”boudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramentoboudoir-whitefishI HAVE told many people to “just do it”, you won’t regret it. I tell them Mike and Brittany have this way of seriously making you feel like you have known them forever. Like your best friends taking pictures of you”boudoirbridal-boudoirdestination-photographergrass-valley-boudoir“The session was NOTHING like I imagined. It exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to see Bella Rosa grow and become known worldwide.”MT-boudoirpublished-boudoirI saw how gorgeous other people’s photos were tuning out and  really just wished I could look like that too. I had never done one but wanted to just say screw it and give it a try! Plus it would make a hot valentine’s day gift!”

SF-boudoirvictorias-secretAuburn boudoir, Colfax boudoir, Whitefish boudoir, Kalispell boudoir, Roseville boudoir, Sacramento boudoir, Lake Tahoe boudoir, San Francisco boudoir, Grass Valley boudoir, Penn Valley boudoir, Lincoln boudoir, Missoula boudoir, Montana boudoir, California boudoir, Loomis boudoir, Rocklin boudoir, Orangevale boudoir, Oregon boudoir, Washington boudoir, Arizona boudoir, Colorado boudoir, Texas boudoir, destination boudoir, Mexico boudoir, Italy boudoir, US boudoir, New York boudoir, North Carolina boudoir, South Carolina boudoir, Georgia boudoir, Maryland Boudoir

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