HOT MAMA is right! Mariah is a bombshell who lit up the woods- no forest fires, but this girl is flame. We love seeing mothers own their body and show strength in their eyes. There really is such power behind it, and we are honored to have shown that to her. We focus on the details of your body that you are confident with, so you always feel empowered and beautiful. It’s also important to us to create a fun environment where you can relax and laugh in, and Mariah can attest to that! We love our clients and the memories we create together- warm and dry in the studio or sinking into 3 feet of snow 😉 it’s all good here!

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mariah testiboudoir-makeupMUA:DEMERI LAMARCHE

auburn-boudoirbeautybella-rosa-photographybest-boudoirI have been a mother for 6 years now, and since I had my daughter I’ve had a lot of insecurities with my body… I decided to book this shoot, because Brittany and Mike focused on the details that were important to ME. They made the experience so comfortable and personal!! I couldn’t ever imagine feeling that way with any other photographer.”boudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramentoboudoir-whitefish“My photos were INCREDIBLE. I had no idea I could even look like that… Brittany and Mike really captured all the details in the best way possible. I couldn’t be happier with my shoot. I look back at my photos and I am SO thankful for the experience and confidence they gave me!!!”boudoirbridal-boudoir“The session truly gave me the power to believe in being a HOT MAMA ❤ I’m learning to love my insecurities and that is SO IMPORTANT for EVERY woman.”CA-boudoirdestination-boudoir-photographer“The shoot was an ABSOLUTE BLAST!! I was a little nervous about the snow, but the adrenaline kept me warm!  Brittany and Mike had me laughing and smiling the entire time! Sinking into 3 feet of snow ain’t no biggie when you have this awesome duo to help pull you out 🙂 It was an amazing experience; I will NEVER forget it!”destination-boudoirlingerie-photographerlingerie“I would tell any woman if they are contemplating on a shoot, JUST DO IT GIRL! Brittany and Mike believe in making every woman feel beautiful inside and out. Do this experience for you and only YOU! You will learn to love yourself over, and over again every time you look at your Bella Rosa photos! ❤snow-shootpublished-boudoirvictorias-secretAuburn boudoir, Colfax boudoir, Whitefish boudoir, Kalispell boudoir, Roseville boudoir, Sacramento boudoir, Lake Tahoe boudoir, San Francisco boudoir, Grass Valley boudoir, Penn Valley boudoir, Lincoln boudoir, Missoula boudoir, Montana boudoir, California boudoir, Loomis boudoir, Rocklin boudoir, Orangevale boudoir, Oregon boudoir, Washington boudoir, Arizona boudoir, Colorado boudoir, Texas boudoir, destination boudoir, Mexico boudoir, Italy boudoir, US boudoir, New York boudoir, North Carolina boudoir, South Carolina boudoir, Georgia boudoir, Maryland Boudoir, iceland boudoir, hawaii boudoir, granite bay boudoir, monterey boudoir, beach boudoir

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