One of the hardest things to soften is the voice of our inner judge. It can be so brutal at times. Booking a shoot with Bella Rosa helps show your judge that they have nothing to worry about; they can sit down and you can turn down their volume, shifting the pathway into that of love. Viewing the beautiful images we capture of you is really a pivotal moment for the women who come through our doors. It gives you a chance to see yourself in a way you may never have before and creates an opportunity to reprogram the software of thoughts you battle with on a daily basis.

These bodysuits can be found in our in-studio lingerie closet- this Texas girl rocked them!  Thank you, Sarah, for seeking us out and making the trip to shoot with us! Your pictures are breathtaking ❤

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sarah testi copyboudoir-makeupMUA:KAYLEE CLINE

auburn-boudoirbella-rosa-beautybella-rosa-photographybella-rosa“Well, I’ve wanted to do this for a LONG time now, but living in Texas and wanting to go to you guys instead of trying anyone else is really why I decided to book this shoot. Especially with it working out with my spur of the moment trip!”boudoir-photographerboudoir-sacramentoboudoir-whitefishboudoir“I think all girls struggle at some point in their life. I for sure have with my body and self-confidence. I am one of those people where I pick out everything little thing about myself and self loathe… Horrible disease. This experience helped me gain so much more confidence, but not only because I looked good, but I felt good, which gave me more confidence in myself. It’s strange how it affected not just my look on my body, but also my mind.”bridal-boudoircalifornia-boudoirdestination-boudoir-photographerdestination-boudoir“Favorite parts were probably trying on the body suits and realizing that I was obsessed. Ha! I was so opposed to do those, but after trying them on, I found a new outfit 😉 However, the best part about the shoot, was seriously feeling like a model. Like so much where I want to be a model now haha!”grass-valley-boudoir“I have been obsessed with you guys for a while now!!! When I first started looking at the pictures, I was floored at how AMAZING they are and how great the girls looked! But also seeing how every girl comments on other girl’s pictures with such positive and sweet messages, that is amazing. Also, not going to lie, I’ve seen other boudoir pictures, and nothing like what you guys do.”published-boudoirSF-boudoirAuburn boudoir, Colfax boudoir, Whitefish boudoir, Kalispell boudoir, Roseville boudoir, Sacramento boudoir, Lake Tahoe boudoir, San Francisco boudoir, Grass Valley boudoir, Penn Valley boudoir, Lincoln boudoir, Missoula boudoir, Montana boudoir, California boudoir, Loomis boudoir, Rocklin boudoir, Orangevale boudoir, Oregon boudoir, Washington boudoir, Arizona boudoir, Colorado boudoir, Texas boudoir, destination boudoir, Mexico boudoir, Italy boudoir, US boudoir, New York boudoir, North Carolina boudoir, South Carolina boudoir, Georgia boudoir, Maryland Boudoir, iceland boudoir, hawaii boudoir, granite bay boudoir, monterey boudoir, beach boudoir

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